23rd of June 2019 

p.76, Algatocín, Málaga, Andalucía, Spain, 1914-'19 vs. the 23rd of June 2019Algatocín was the final of my trip last June in Andalucía. After that I only went for a swim in Benalmádena to hurry and go to the airport of Málaga back home to the Netherlands.Algatocín is not so big, so if it was possible to find a needle in a haystack somewhere, it should be possible here. I started my search with full confidence.Asking around it turned out that the photo from Kurt Hielscher was a quite a familiar one here as is the dispute about it. The photo has been claimed by both Algatocín and nearby Benarabbá, even on Mayor level, I have been told. When this became clear to me I immediately stopped my quest and decided to stroll around as any tourist. Ofcourse, when others living there were not even sure about it, I did not have the illusion to be able to find the place myself, although it might have been supercool if I could have solved this dispute. Algatocín is a beautiful place, with a very special view on it from the Mirador del Genal (last photo) and I really enjoyed it though I was not successful in rephotographing page 76 of the book of Kurt Hielscher.

In the footsteps of  Kurt Hielscher