Genovevaburg Mayen

Coming from the Laacher See where we stayed for a few days for some canoeing and walking, it was less than a 20 minutes drive to the the Genovevaburg in Mayen, which I refused to pass without visiting on our way to also nearby famous Burg Eltz. From Mayen and its Genovevaburg I had never heard of before.

Genovevaburg, Mayen, 1924. Photo: Kurt Hielscher

Genovevaburg, Mayen, 25th of April 2022. Photo: Casper Molenaar

Built in 1280, burned down in 1689 and gradually rebuilt since 1830, today it houses the Eifelmuseum and the German Schieferbergwerkmuseum. It is also the stage for the Mayen Castle Festival Games.  The first glimpse made quite an impression on me and it has a tranquil park in front of it, but its moat has changed into a road and that's a pity. Unfortunately, I could not find access to the exact same spot that was probably situated in one of the gardens of the new buildings, but I could climb on the lower part of a fence and lean against the upper part to get some more height, while the boys spend their time in the playground. 

The Burgentrance and the playground.

From the park we walked through the Burg descending to the city center where we had some coffee and cakes on its central square. It was a long time ago since we sat on a terrace due to the pandemic. This way, our visit to Mayen will remain a special memory. 

View from the park and its playground on the Burg.

The Burg as seen when looking back up strolling down to the city center.

Views from the Burg.

A relative empty central square probably still due to the pandemic.

The Marktplatz, with the Altes Rathaus and Bäckerei Hoefer where we had coffee and cake on its terrace.

Maria Laach & the Laacher See

Though Kurt Hielscher did not publish any photos from Maria Laach, he could have, because the monastery and the lake is worth it.

The weather could have been a little better though. Here camping at the Laacher See. Our final destination would be the Lago Maggiore in Italy where I could rephotograph some photos from Kurt Hielscher too.

Below: view on Mayen from the Genovevaburg. Photo: Casper Molenaar.

In the footsteps of  Kurt Hielscher