Though I wasn't sure whether my visit to Tarifa would become a success or not, I did not hestitate a second to go and drive some more kilometers. The southermost end of Spain with a possible view on Africa and a surfer's paradise was a must go for me. I had not give a thought about the wind however. Both photos, Kurt Hielscher made here, are from patios, and as I learned in the days before in for example Vejer de la Frontera, those are like needles in a haystack.

Patio in Tarifa, 1914-'19. Photo: Kurt Hielscher. Patio's enough like this one and I got a lot of tips for the right one, the golden tip was not in between them so, as assumed, I did not find the right place. But hey, I can live with that, because I am in good company with Mr.J.Agustín Núñez, because he did not find the place in between 1987-1991 either. Same goes for the 2nd photo of a patio in Tarifa by Kurt Hielscher. 

But I found a lot of look-a-like patio's. But then I had enough of my quest and decided to go check te sea.

Sign on the C. Segismundo Moret, the name of the road towards the Isla de Tarifa, the closest you can get to Africa. 

Defying the winds bridging to the Isla de Tarifa. 

And I must say: to lay my eyes on Africa for the first time, a whole new continent like it's up for grabs, so close I felt overwhelmed and quite emotional about it. Suddenly I got a better notion about the size of the earth. As a young boy I stared a lot at my globe and now I could see it with my own eyes. And Africa really is close from here. There's a regular ferry service leaving every now and then from the nearby harbour to Tanger in Morocco, only one or two hours away depending on the company.

Africa and the Estrecho de Gibraltar and a lonely surfer, but believe, it was quite busy on the Strait of Gibraltar with wind- and kitesurfers.

Surfers paradise come with fancy shops and souvenirs. I bought some for the boys.

Tarifa Beach with Africa in the distance.

Some 5 km's to the West on Tarfia Beach near where I had a few drinks Chiringuito Waves Beach Bar before heading to the Wild House Tarifa where I stayed for the night.

At Wild House Tarifa I was welcomed with great hospitality, and a few beers. It is a chill place, close to the beach. The hostel is situated 8 km west from the city center of Tarifa.

The 1933 built Castillo de Santa Catalina as an outpost facing the Straits of Gibraltar. 

Modern architecture in Tarifa.

The other patio that I could not find in Tarifa, 1914-'19. Photo: Kurt Hielscher. 

Below: Wide and neverending Tarifa beach, 22nd of June 2019. Photo: Casper Molenaar.

In the footsteps of  Kurt Hielscher