Burg Eltz

When I fantasize about a fairytale castle, from now on, Burg Eltz and its surroundings will pop-up in my head. We had a nice stroll through the forest via a winding well-preserved and easy-to-walk path towards the castle. On our way we were continuously chatting about everything, like we always do as a family of four. Till suddenly we went around the corner and the castle caught our eyes. Silence. Wow!

On our way down to the castle. 

Though I knew the castle from photos, now I was finally there and that was something different. Though it was actually quite quiet, we decided not to go into the castle but decided to just enjoy the view on the castle from different angles. And ofcourse I tried to rephotograph Kurt Hielscher's photo, which turned out not possible, because the rock from where Kurt Hielscher made his photo was probably made inaccessible for public. Maybe it was steepened and the slope overgrown with shrubs? From Wolfgang Henkel's photo, probably shot somewhere around 2012, I know he found a better angle so maybe the rock was still accessible 10 years ago? Anyway, I do still like the comparison and both photos next to one another.

Burg Eltz, Wierschem, Rheinland-Pfalz, 1924. Photo: Kurt Hielscher.

 Burg Eltz, 25th of April 2022. Photo: Casper Molenaar. 

Burg Eltz is an old castle and its history dates back to the 12th century, though it took over 500 years to build it to its current shape. The castle has a hundred rooms and eight towers that rise up to a height of 8 meters. It has always been in the possession of one family and today, 34 generations later it is led by the head of family Dr. Karl Graf von und zu Eltz Kempenich.

Went up a little for another view.

And down for another view, but we did not get in.

The making of.... In the distance a thunderstorm popping up and I realised I had the roofwindows left open so I went for a run back up.

On my way back up.

In the footsteps of  Kurt Hielscher