After our adventure in Venice, we jumped into snowy white Slovenia, but before we really jumped into the snow we visited its lovely capital Ljubljana, on Valentines Day 2018. 

Ljubljanski Grad, 1926. Photo: Kurt Hielscher 
Ljubljana Castle, 14th of February 2018. Photo: Casper Molenaar. 

Here some more views on and from the castle as well as from within the chapel with a stunning ceiling. Here we had our names caligraphed for free as a Valentines gift on special paper. Some of the four family members, including myself, still herish the calligraphs. Although its construction was first mentioned in 1144, the castle dates back to the 9th century. Its present form finds it origin  after the earthquake of 1511 and some further renovations in the early 17th century.

Kim descending in the snow from the castle hill to the city center with a view on the pink coloured full in wintersunshine Frančiškanska cerkev Marijinega oznanjenja at the famous Prešernov trg with the Tromostovje, the triple bridge crossing the Ljubljanica river. On our way up we took the funicular. 

The famous view on Zmajski Most/Dragon Bridge (1901), Ljubljanski Grad and the Katedrala.

"Love yourself" in scripted on the railing of the Mesarski Most/Butchers Bridge, decorated with plenty of padlocks as signs of eternal love and/or friendship. 

At the foot of the castle hill my eyes were caught by this "clubhouse" filled with Yugonostalgia. 

Frančiškanska cerkev Marijinega oznanjenja at the famous Prešernov trg with the statue of France Prešeren (1800-1849), the most famous Slovenian poet.

Robbov Vodnjak/Robba Fountain on Mestni Trg with a complete and happy family. Photo by my friend Roman Černigoj with whom  we had coffee at a terracebar at the shores of the Ljubljanica, the narrow river that cuts the old part of the city center in two with the castlehill on the oneside and Tivoli Park on the other. And after Ljubljana, the mountains and pearls like Bledsko and Bohinjsko Jezero were still waiting for us. 

Below: view on Ljubljana with its Cathedral halfway down from the castlehill to the city center.

In the footsteps of  Kurt Hielscher