Castello Malaspina di Fosdinovo

Situated on a mountain ridge in a beautiful scenery, I had to visit Fosdinovo when I had the chance the day I also visited the Fortezza di Sarzanello, just a 15 minutes' drive further away from Tellaro at the coast where we stayed on a campsite. The castle dates back to 1124 AD and houses a hotel nowadays.

Castello Malaspina di Fosdinovo, 1939. Photo: Kurt Hielscher.

Castello Malaspina di Fosdinovo, 30st of April 2023. Photo: Casper Molenaar.

Though we did not visit the castle itself, we had a nice stroll with very nice views.

We also visited both churches.

Below: view Castello Malaspina di Fosdinovo. Photo: Casper Molenaar.

In the footsteps of  Kurt Hielscher