A devastating earthquake struck Venzone 48 years ago. May 6th 1976 is a date that will never be forgotten here. Within a minute 47 of its inhabitants died and in the wider region nearly 1.000. A heavy aftershock four months later, on September 15th led to the destruction of what had been left of the center, the walls and the Duomo. It is the Chiesa Di San Giovanni Battista that disappeared from the photo due to the earthquake. Most of Venzone was rebuild. In 2017, Venzone was called out most beautiful village of Italy!

Venzone, 1939. Photo: Kurt Hielscher.

Venzone, 18th of July 2023. Photo: Casper Molenaar.

It was less than an hour that we drove into Italy and it was hot and we were hungry. All pieces of the puzzle came together on the Piazza Municipio, on the shady and windy terrace of Dar Cavaliere Nero where they served the best pizza we could dream of with a view on the place where Kurt Hielscher made his photo only 10 meters away. With a terrific ice-cream for desert at neighbouring Pasticceria d'altri tempi we made a short but pleasant and slow stroll around Venzone before leaving for the coast at Grado where we would stay for a few days on a campsite.

What is left of the Chiesa Di San Giovanni Battista, the church that disappeared from Kurt Hielscher due to the earthquake of 1976.

Exhibition of the earthquake at the Palazzo Comunale. I added a few more photos that were exposed in the Duomo.

Fontana Ottocentesca at the Piazza Municipio. The pizzeria Dar Cavaliere Nero is situated in the house on the left.

The best pizza you can wish for when you are less than an hour within Italy: at Dar Cavaliere Nero on the terrace of the Piazza Municipio in the shade and with some cooling winds.

On our way to and inside the Duomo di Sant'Andrea apostolo.

San Michele.

Piazza Municipio and the Palazzo Comunale.

Below: Venzone as seen from the parking lot.

In the footsteps of  Kurt Hielscher