It was just a perfect day for a daytrip by car from Rome to Tivoli and a few villages further into the mountains, Tuesday October 17th 2023. But, the day started with a flat tire from our rental car and we lost a lot of time changing the car at the airport, we had to change our plans too. We decided to only visit the famous and stunning Villa D'Este in Tivoli. That way we turned the day into a happy one after all. And Kurt Hielscher made several photos here. For now, I put only one, but more will follow soon.

View from above the Fontana di Nettuno or the balcony at the Fontana dell'Organo on a part of the Giardini di Villa D'Este.

Villa D'Este is famous for its 16th century Renaissance style villa, garden and dozens of fountains. With a lot of sunshine, I could make a lot of nice photos. Here a closer look down.

Villa D'Este, 1925. Kurt Hielscher.

Villa D'Este, 17th of October 2023. Photo: Casper Molenaar.

Kim at the Fontana dell'Organo.

Fontana dell'Ovato

The entrance and inside the Villa.

Great timing.

View from the balcony of Villa D'Este on Tivoli.

Our friendly neigbours on the campsite in Rome from Skopje, Macedonia, a automehanikar, helped us inflating the flat tire so we could bring the car back to the airport and change it for another one.

Below: View on the Tivoli.

In the footsteps of  Kurt Hielscher