In March 2019, I was in Ronda, Andalucía to take this photo German photographer Kurt Hielscher (1881-1948) took over a hundred years ago. Only a long time later I found out what happened to the houses that were disappeared.

Puente Nuevo, Ronda, Andalucía, Spain

Photo: Kurt Hielscher, 1914-'19

Puente Nuevo, Ronda, Andalucía, Spain

Photo: Casper Molenaar, 9th of March 2019

The Puente Nuevo, the New Bridge, is one of three bridges that span the deep Tajo de Ronda gorge with the river Guadalevín. The gorge is 120 meters deep in some places, but here, the bridge has a height of 98 meters. The bridge's construction began in 1735, but five years later, the unfinished bridge collapsed, killing 50 workers. The construction resumed in 1751, and the bridge was completed in 1793. 

Sunset over Ronda from our appartment

We arrived in Ronda in the late afternoon coming from Antequera and made a stroll around the city center after we enjoyed the sunsetview over the rooftops from our appartment. We had a quick diner, tapas ofcourse, but it was already dark when we arrived at the famous Puente Nuevo. We could only stare in the dark depths surrounding it, but the views on the bridge and the lighted houses surrounding the bridge contributed to a romantic atmosphere. 

Puente Nuevo at night

The next early morning we took of by car and parked at the Plaza Ruedo Alameda where we could do some shopping. From there it is an easy, not so steep, walk via the Calle del Prado and the Ctra. de los Molinos to the viewpoint. If you would like to, you can even go down by car, but I don't think that is someting to recommend in the main seasons. The walk is longer than the steeper one coming down from the bridge itself in the city center, but that was not an option for us, because we had to move on back to the coast later that day. 

Kim and me at the viewpoint: La Hoya Del Tajo

The photos also tell the story of another dramatic event that happened in Ronda in July 1917. The houses with the watermills in the old photos vanished due to a huge rockslide killing 15 people. 

In the footsteps of  Kurt Hielscher