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If you like Kurt Hielscher's work and me getting into his footsteps, you can support me by:

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3. inviting me to provide an (online) lecture about the project

4. become a sponsor so I'll be able to buy new old photobooks from Kurt Hielscher, make new trips and work on an exhibition and/or a book

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6. adopt a photoduo on In the footsteps of Kurt Hielscher: request me to go to your place of interest to rephotograph Kurt Hielscher's photo over there:

Now it is possible to have a photoduo placed here as well as on one of my Facebook pages, based on a photo from Kurt Hielscher & me with my story and the history of the place placed. The story and the photos will be shared in

How does it work?

  • interest: show your interest via the contactform on Contact
  • photocheck: is there one or more photos Kurt Hielscher made in your place?
  • duocheck: do I already have the now, does it need refreshment or does it have to be made yet?
  • printscreen of the url is delivered
  • social media plan: my own Facebookpage & third pary Facebookgroups and other social media

Please, fill in the contactform below to reach out to me for more information.


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