Kuchl & Golling an der Salzach

On our way back from our summerholidays in Croatia in 2023, and very wet and flooding Slovenia, we took a few days in Austria as we did on our way there when we drove the stunning Großglocknerhochalpstrasse. Our visits to Kuchl, where we spent the night with the campervan on a parking lot, and Golling an der Salzach were rather spontaneous. We only planned to climb the impressive Gollinger Wasserfall but Kurt Hielscher made us stop and check out these villages too. And I must say, when I looked at the old photo from Kuchl, I really had to make a stop and see what it would be like nowadays. The little snow on the mountains is fresh from the night before. Most houses got new roofs or even an extra floor which made it quite hard for me to navigate, but with the banner announcing the upcoming Seefest I really love the contrast. 

Kuchl, 1928. Photo: Kurt Hielscher.

Kuchl, 7th of August 2023. Photo: Casper Molenaar.

From a little more distance the afternoon before, so on the 6th of August, when it was raining in Kuchl and snowing on the mountains. I came back the morning after to rephotograph Kurt Hielscher's photo.

From the parking lot to the main street, it was a short walk passing the graveyard.

On arrival on the 6th of August in the afternoon, the calm Kuchl Badesee invited us for a walk around and the boys for taking a swim, though it started to rain. That evening we went for dinner in Kuchl, I got a huge Wiener schnitzel, but I made the photo the day after when the weather was slightly better. 

To get to the lake we had to cross the railwaystation. The parking lot is just around the corner.

Golling an der Salzach

On our way back home, we were looking for a nice place in nature and found the impressive 75 meters high Gollinger Wasserfall, as if we didn't have had enough water in Slovenia yet. And impressive it was, and we got wet too. There were several viewpoints really close to the raging river and waterfall. It only was a seven minute drive to the rather sleepy but (heavily disturbed by traffic escaping the jams on the nearby A10 highway) and characteristic and nicely situated village of Golling an der Salzach which only has just over 4000 inhabitants. It was easy to find the graveyard behind the Pfarrkirche Golling at the end of its main street, but it was a magic moment to pass the church entrance and walk into Kurt Hielscher's photo.  

Golling an der Salzach, 1928. Photo: Kurt Hielscher. 

Golling an der Salzach, 6th of August 2023. Photo: Casper Molenaar.

My family inside the Pfarrkirche Golling, also famous for its priest Josef Mohr and his Christmas song.

The Castle of Golling an der Salzach: Burg Golling.

Parking in the centre of Golling an der Salzach.

Walking towards the church and a glimpse around the corner we walked into Kurt Hielscher's photo, always a magical moment, especially when it is not expected.

On our way to the Gollinger Wasserfall.

Here we are.

Below: View from the Gollinger Wasserfall on the valley.

In the footsteps of  Kurt Hielscher